Workforce Solutions

Delivering pioneering solutions, we can optimize, innovate and transform your enterprise, making it ready to succeed in the digital economy. We deliver an entire spectrum of services from Consulting to Technology and Process Outsourcing, empowering your HR organization to become a strategic function. 

Designing Innovative workspace

More and more organizations are looking to enable seamless collaboration between employees, partners, and other business stakeholders so that they can integrate multiple communication tools and enable the internal collaboration needed to address customer needs.

Work Without Limits

The workforce is constantly changing, and we stay one step ahead by delivering designs for the way people really work. With AST solutions at your service, you can do more than keep up with these exciting workforce trends. You may lead the workforce transformation in the industry.

Key Features

Tailored devices designed for the unique ways people work.

From corridor warriors, to engineers, to field workers you can give every kind of user the technology they need to help them work the way they want.

Advisory, consulting and design

Our experts support you at each step of your journey to the workplace of the future

Business and Vertical Solutions

Discover how your workplace can advance your business.

Transformation and management of change

Benefit from end-to-end migration and implementation services.

Intelligent Collaboration

Benefit from a mobile, real-time and collaborative way to work in the digital workplace.

Help and interaction center

Intelligently support all user needs, wherever they are, whatever their device. .

Secure Digital Workplace platform

Empower your employees whilst maintaining the highest levels of security.