Enterprise Facility Management

Enterprise facilities management is the fusion of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and facilities management systems into one system that is effective in ensuring the smooth operation of your business. You are able to plan for all your resources and manage the facilities housing your business are also monitored by the same system.

Creating an Enterprise Facility Management solution .

There are many subtle variations but fundamentally a sound Enterprise Facility Management system starts with a layer of hardware and software that captures the data from various building systems; building automation systems (BAS), lighting systems, energy meters, water meters, etc. Additionally, and based on the type of facility and what the business is interested in measuring, data from other systems such as compressed air, medical gases, security, life safety, process equipment, lab equipment, fume hoods, etc., can be brought into the Enterprise Facility Management system.

Engage people at all levels of the organization.

Lack of buy-in is one of the most common contributors to failed outsourcing: make sure you’ve got broad support early in the process. You also need to make sure those charged with delivering and managing the contract are committed to seeing it through and can stay focused, determined in the face of resistance.

Key Features

Facility Service Solutions

Managing the facility services in your business can be a time consuming task for any organization and it takes a lot of efforts at the cost of compromising the important business responsibilities.

Be flexible

As your business and its priorities evolve, sometimes at speed, so will the scope of your EFM contract – it’s likely the buildings and assets in your portfolio will need to perform different functions or support different goals. You can minimize the disruption of change by putting flexible agreements in place along with a governance structure (see tip eight) that evaluates needs and priorities on a regular bas

Strategic programs

The outsourcing contract between you and your provider is based on the daily delivery of services to support the people, processes, and plant – meaning everything from the facilities, buildings, assets, critical environments, production spaces, and grounds that make up your portfolio – in your business. However, some of the most significant benefits of outsourcing come when the relationship with your provider evolves from supplier to partner. Your EFM provider is in a unique position to support integration activity around acquisitions and dispositions, portfolio changes, and major projects.

Qualified Service Providers

These vendors conduct a screening of their service providers hence it is guaranteed that the workforce is qualified and knows how to offer an excellent service to their clients. Besides the Quality checks, the service providers are also checked for their background. They only hire the people who have a proven track of offering good services. Hence with Quality, Security is also assured.

Performing Facility Management

The hallmarks of a high performing facility management software are that it will have better capabilities than the run of the mill versions. Technical excellence often comes at an extra cost, which can be justified if the performance is notably superior to less expensive rivals.