Enterprise UAV Solutions

Our extensive range of advanced UAVs and aerial robotics are integrated with world leading and industry first sensors, to ensure precise and accurate engineering data, underpinned by a combination of specialist in-house inspection, engineering, and technical support resources in NDT.

Our Drone-as-as Service (DaaS) focuses on the Petrochemical, Oil & Gas, Utilities & Power, Mining & Construction Industries in Saudi Arabia.

Industrial UAV-Based Services & Tools

UAVs and Pilots

  • Specific UAV utilized and tailored to each industry segment
  • Airspace management and coordination.
  • Autonomous flights.
  • Certified and trained pilots.

Inpector Software

  • Pictures, annotation and mark-up capabilities.
  • Command and control onboard sensors.
  • Mission planning, data tagging, photo classification and annotating.

Web Portal

  • Enhanced data visualization and reporting.
  • Searchable and standardized data from every inspection at your fingertips.
  • Optimized operations.

Petrochemical,Oil&Gas UAV-Based Inspections

We provide ultra-safe, accurate, and efficient visual, thermal, and NDT inspections of Confined Spaces, Onshore Rigs, Offshore Rigs, FPSOs, and Drilling Ships.

Our service scope also includes asset digitization and monitoring of facilities condition , pipeline integrity, drilling operations, employee and site safety, and environmental surveys.

Key Benefits of Our Inspections Soutions

Improved Safety
( No Human Entry)

5x Faster Than Traditional Methods

4x Cost Savings

Data Quality & Consistency

Higher Accuracy

Going Further

Shorter Downtime

No Expensive Crane Rental ,
Rope Access or Scaffolding

UAV-Based Inspections For Utilities

We conduct flexible, cost-effective, and more comprehensive transmission and distribution asset inspections, powerline inspections, isolator check, leak detection, cell towers inspections, emergency inspections, asset management and surveillance.

Now, using UAVs, you can get better data, faster!


  • As in preventing fatal helicopter crashes or accidents from having to manually climb towers to take readings;
  • No need for workers to ascend to heights.
  • Inspections are done from a safe distance.

Time To Value

  • Greatly reduce man hours and costs by using UAVs to conduct inspections, saving 30 – 50% of the cost and time.
  • using UAVs to fly over a wide area and collect high-quality data much more quickly than any traditional methods.

More Accurate

  • Higher-resolution visual inspections than ground-based inspections with real-time images, video feed, and zoom/thermal/4k capabilities can be transmitted to a ground control station.
  • Thermal and LIDAR can be used to aid in inspecting and monitoring the corridor for power lines and towers.

UAV-Based Inspections For Mining & Construction

We acquire, process, and deliver a variety of data for any given mining or construction site ranging from underground inspections, underground mapping, aerial photography, 3D photogrammetry, and thermography.

We utilize UAV-acquired data for Preventive Maintenance, Corrective Maintenance, and Predictive Maintenance purposes of mining and construction facilities.