Our Approach

At ast, Corporate Responsibility (“CR”) is central to how we conduct business, as we recognize both the opportunity and the responsibility for business to take a lead role in addressing pressing global issues. As we continue to embrace change and position our company for long-term success, we believe that CR will help us achieve sustainable growth by managing risk, maximizing efficiency and driving value. Through our collective efforts, we seek to create value for both society and our business.
As one of the largest global it consulting company, we are guided by our values and committed to addressing social and environmental issues, with a focus on those that matter most to us, our approximately 35,000 associates worldwide, our other stakeholders and the technology industry. In particular, we aim to drive positive impacts throughout our value chain – from Source to Store – empowering people, preserving the environment and supporting the communities where we work and live.

Our Commitment

To drive positive impacts from Source to Store, our CR strategy consists of ten commitments. These commitments align with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (“SDGs”), covering issues such as clean water and sanitation, affordable and clean energy, and inclusion and diversity. Further, our strategy places a strong emphasis on the need to move beyond compliance to achieve sustainable protection of the rights, dignity and livelihoods of the nearly one million workers in ast supply chain. Increasing our focus on our environmental footprint and partnering with our suppliers to reduce environmental impacts across our supply chain is a top priority. As the world continues to change rapidly, we maintain our unwavering commitment to CR, as we believe that we can better drive progress in the areas that will have positive business, industry, and global impacts.

Human Rights Taking action and evolving our approach to human rights.

Our Commitment: Promote adherence to our code of conduct for business partners, A Shared Commitment, and go beyond compliance to improve the lives of workers within our supply chain.

we aim to strengthen our supplier partnerships, drive operational excellence and promote remediation and capacity-building. We continuously evolve the scope and scale of our assessment program, and embed responsible business practices throughout our organization.

Increasingly, we are moving beyond compliance by empowering our suppliers and licensees to take ownership of their supply chain performance, including labor practices, and make changes that improve the lives of workers.

Safe Workplaces Promoting safe working conditions in our supply chain.

Our Commitment: Ensure safe working conditions for candidates within our supply chain

To maintain and improve our pace of remediation in India, we developed and implemented stringent internal procedures, reviewing remediation reports on a weekly basis to encourage progress and identify solutions for our Clients.

We supported the verification of properly constituted committees, which we believe is the key to empowering candidates to manage their own safety. Moving forward, we will increasingly focus on helping candidates to raise health and safety concerns in a structured way by promoting worker-management dialogue.

Our Associates Making ast a great place to work.

Our Commitment: Attract and retain world class talent by making ast a great place to work

We are committed to providing our most important asset – our approximately 35,000 associates around the globe – with a great place to work and opportunities to develop personally and professionally. We continuously expand the development opportunities available to associates, taking an inclusive approach to learning and offering our associates the opportunity to create tailored learning plans.

we empowered our associates to make better benefits choices and enhanced our parental leave and flexible working policies. We also celebrated ten years of ast Innovative Solutions.

Communities Supporting the communities where we work and live.

At ast, giving back is embedded in our culture and we are committed to creating positive change in the communities where we work and live. Our mission is to support the needs of women and children around the world by creating safe spaces, improving access to education and enhancing quality of life.

Designed to align, strengthen and expand global strategic programming and philanthropic partnerships, The ast Foundation team fosters a combined effort between our corporate and business team initiatives to achieve a greater impact worldwide..