Single source of truth

Transparency and organization are key for modern teams. Confluence gives you a central place to keep your team's work organized and accessible, making it easier to find the information needed to keep work moving forward.

A better way to work

High performing teams work together to maximize productivity. Confluence combines the speed of creating on your own with the advantages of working together. Confluence makes it easy to create documents as a team, provide feedback in context and quickly iterate until your work is finalized.

Made for every team

Teams change and teams grow. Confluence is a flexible platform that supports the way your team works and can be customized to fit any and every type of need

Key Features

Collaboration Software for IT Companies

Enable seamless collaboration between employees, partners, customers, and communities.

Working Smarter is Better.

Collaborate effectively with Communifire, engaging their entire workforce and keeping everyone on the same page. Make information sharing simple again so that your professionals and administrative personnel are up to date.

Chat Clients

These are a favorite but not for the productivity they’re intended to inspire. Chat clients help with work tasks, but they also help co-workers chat with one another. If you install chat client software, be prepared to create a policy on acceptable use.

Meeting Remotely

Video conferencing software is the ideal way to connect with others who can’t meet in person. Some companies still market voice conferencing only. The difficulty with this is people use nonverbal cues when they’re communicating.

Co-Editing Documents

This is a top-notch productivity enhancer. What used to take weeks of emailing and careful version control can now be done in a central repository. But listen closely to anyone who attempts to sell you one and make sure the following questions are answered.

Scheduling Software

Whether it’s a calendar, a task-management system, or another form of software, you need scheduling to encourage collaboration. In the most basic form, your employees need to know when their co-workers are available. More complex implementations provide tools to invite people to meetings, schedule conference rooms, and share equipment. .

Managing Workflow

Automating processes increases productivity. Such software is cost effective because instead of walking or emailing a project from place to place, the project is automatically routed through its stages.
The more decision points are present, the more human intervention is needed. Ticketing allows human intervention without modifying the underlying system..